November 27th, 2005

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Stuff and.... stuff

Yay for House Pride! Yay for Harry Potter. Tonight I am going to watch GoF for the second time. And I am spending a bomb on the tickets this time. Earlier I spent about 3$. These tickets which I have bought for tonight are for almost 12$. Naaay! I am not rich. Just plain crazy.

Except that...Work is going no where as of now. And most of my college friends are always online. I tried so hard to get them to eljay. They just are not interested. Well, I am not the one who is losing anything here. Am I?

P.S.: You are going to understand the next part only if we live in the same part of the world.

And I am listening to an awesome song. It rocks. Very similar to mann ki lagan of paap, yet different. And wtf...This song is from kalyug. Do you guys remember the child artist in Zakhm and Hum hain raahi pyaar ke called Kunal Khemu. Its the same guy. Really. Can you see the similarities?

Damn...I can't find a picture of him as a child artist. Can somebody help? Free candies to someone who does.
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    Jiya dhadak dhadak - kalyug