Aastha (aaskie) wrote,

Blogathon 07

Hey guys. I am participating in the blogathon this year. It's on the 28th of July.

Blogathon - "First some terminology: "blog" is a shortened version of "weblog" which is a frequently updated personal website. Most blogs have date stamps on the entries, and consist of links and commentary.

Now, remember when you were in school and you would bowl for charity? And for every pin you knocked down you got, say, ten cents? Or run for a dollar a mile? During the Blogathon, people update their websites every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight. For this, they collect sponsorships. Pledges can be a flat donation, or a certain amount for every hour the blogger manages to stay awake."

I am really, really kicked about it. It feels good to know that you are contributing, even if in a small way. Friend my blogathon blog if you want to give me some support. Also, sponsor me if you feel like. All good either ways.

The details -

Name: Aastha

Blogathon blog: aaskie_blog

Blogging for: India Literacy Project

Why I chose my charity:
aastha: yeah. He keeps asking us to read him stories. He loves books. Can't afford going to a school though.
K: :\ that's horrible
aastha: hey, I know which charity I should blog for, something which does something for literacy in India?
K: ooooh, that would be awesome
aastha: http://www.ilpnet.org/
aastha: them
aastha: yay!
K: wooot
aastha: Makes me feel guilty sometimes. I am thinking of going abroad for higher studies, which'll cost my parents a bomb. And there are people who can't even read.

My plans for blogathon: I plan to make graphics for people who sponsor me and people who can't sponsor me but are around for moral support anyways.

Sponsor me: Here

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