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I <3 my boysies


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18 November 1985
Loves life, friends, photoshop, and Harry Potter(not necessarily in that order).

shall one day avenge the Weasleys in the mightiest of ways. \o/

always thinks of others before herself

has awesome ideas!

The absolute bestestiest (south of Chandigarh of course) :D
is almost friends only. Which means, most of my entries are f-locked except the highly generic ones. However, add me and let me know, you'll be added back. It's just that I like to know who's reading my journal.

agatha christie, alcohol, all that is weird, andrew flintoff, avatars, avril lavigne, banners, beer, being utterly impossible, bellatrix lestrange, belly dancing, ben affleck, björk, black eyed peas, books, boys, brad pitt, brittany murphy, broomsticks, cartoons, cedric diggory, chatting, cheese, chicago, chinese food, chocolate, chocolate frogs, christmas, coffee, comedy, computer, computers, cookies, creed, cricket, cricket icons, cricketers, cursing people, cyn for president, dan brown, dancing, death eaters, dido, disney, drabbles, draco malfoy, drawing, dreamweaver, driving, eminem, english, ewan mcgregor, family, fantasy, femslash, flirting, food, foreplay, free speech, friends, gay marriage, goblet of fire, goo goo dolls, graphic, graphic design, green day, half-blood prince, hands, harry potter, having fun, hindi movies, hip hop, hogwarts, holiday, house pride, house-pride, house-pride.net, hugs, ice cream, icons, india, internet, irfan pathan, jeffrey archer, kill bill vol 1, kisses, languages, lasagna, laughing till it hurts, lindsay lohan, linkin park, livejournal, luna, luna lovegood, lyrics, magic, marauders, marshmallows, matt damon, me, mean girls, memes, mood themes, motorbikes, moulin rouge, movies, mp3, msn messenger, music, my cell phone, mythology, nicole kidman, nirvana, oasis, obsessions, papa roach, people, pepsi, pepsi lemon, piercings, pretty boys, rahul dravid, rain, rambling, randomness, rap, reading, robert pattinson, roses, rum, sarcasm, sean paul, severus snape, sex, sisters, slash, sleeping, slytherin, smiles, snape, sting, swimming, tequilla, the marauder's map, the offspring, voldemort, wallpapers, whining, whipped cream, world domination

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